1) List, in bullet point fashion, your top 12 Take-Aways (knowledge that you gained) from reading Chapters 2 & 3 & 4.

NOTE: can select to write 4 statements about each of the three chapters read OR 12 total that reflect all thoughts from all three chapters

Things to know about ‘take-away’ statements:

· ‘Take-Away’s’ are substantial statements that identify important and factual information about the chapters read.

· Statements should represent information that students find interesting or important to each segment in the episode and does not need to be verbatim (exactly as stated) from the chapters but can be a summary statement that reflects information. Think college-level thoughts


Example of an appropriate statement: Locally grown foods have the potential to be better for the environment because only 10% of carbon emissions produced by agriculture come from transporting food so a shorter trip to the store could mean even less emissions.

2) Reflective notes are a “metacognitive” strategy; that is, they help you “think about your thinking.” Metacognition is the mark of a mature learner, and helps you remember what you read or watch. Reflection means thinking about what’s important and why, how points connect, what surprises you and why, and what questions you still have.

1. What seemed really important in this chapters and why did it seem important?

2. What did you read that reminded you of something you knew before, or connected up with something else you are learning, and why?

3. What surprised you in these chapters? Why was this surprising for you?

4. What questions do you still have after reading these chapters? (must have at least 1 question)

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