1) Describe the staging of Medieval Cycle dramas.

Read all the way through the questions.  Be sure to answer ALL parts of the questions.  Answer the questions that you know first.  Don’t panic.  Breathe.  Tell me as much as you can on the topic.  Be specific.

Vocabulary (1 point each, 10 points total).  Pick 10 out of the 12 words to define.  Do NOT define more than 10 words.  Provide a brief but THOROUGH definition of each term:



Ludi Romani:

Deus ex Machina:


Earl of Oxford:


Bunraku Theater:


Zeami Motokoyo:


Short Answers (10 points each, 40 points total).  Please answer FOUR of the following 

1) Describe the staging of Medieval Cycle dramas.  How does this relate to the PURPOSE, GOALS AND FUNCTION of Medieval drama?

2) What does it mean for theater to be professionalized?  Give TWO examples of time periods/types of theater that were professionalized?  What does that mean for the actors of that time?

3) What are some of the origins of theater?  How do we see those origins in Ancient Greek Drama, Kathakali Drama and Noh Theater?

4) Describe at least THREE elements of Ancient Greek Theater that we often see in Western Theater today.

don’t quote someone else’s writing or thinking.  You can turn to other sources to get information but then you need to put your answers in your OWN words.  The easiest way to do that is to look away from whatever source you used while you are answering.  

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