20 MCQ’s

1. In the body of a human or other complex organism, a group of similar cells performing similar functions is called a/an
A. organ.
B. tissue.
C. organ system.
D. cell.

2. In the human body, which of the following is part of the axial skeleton?
A. Clavicle
B. Femur
C. Sternum
D. Ulna

3. The purpose of the cuticle in plants is to
A. minimize water loss.
B. provide support.
C. transport water.
D. support plant functions.

4. The colored part of the human eye is the
A. pupil.
B. retina.
C. cornea.
D. iris.

1. Which of these is a white blood cell?
A. Neutrophil
B. Erythrocyte
C. Thrombocyte
D. Hemoglobin

2. Which one of these eating disorders is more likely to affect men than women?
A. Bulimia nervosa
B. Chronic dieting
C. Anorexia nervosa
D. Muscle dysmorphia

3. The wood in the trunk and limbs of a tree is made up of
A. cork cambium.
B. pith.
C. secondary xylem.
D. phloem.

4. Which blood type has neither anti-A nor anti-B antibodies?
A. A
B. B
C. O

1. What part of the lower respiratory tract is made up of tiny air sacs where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged?
A. Bronchioles
B. Alveoli
C. Trachea
D. Larynx

2. All the systems of the body work together to keep the internal environment of the body constant within certain limits. This process is called
A. homoeostasis.
B. positive feedback.
C. neuroglia.
D. homeopathy.

3. What divides the human heart into a left and right side?
A. Aaorta
B. Septum
C. Ventricles
D. Atria

4. The main sex hormone in males is
A. estrogen.
B. progesterone.
C. testosterone.
D. luteum.

1. A plant sits on a window sill. Over time, the stems of the plant curve toward the light coming in the window. This process is called
A. phototropism.
B. photoperiodism.
C. gravitropism.
D. phytochromism.

2. Which of these parts receive nerve impulses from the central nervous system, causing muscle fibers to contract?
A. Interneurons
B. Motor neurons
C. Sensory neurons
D. Myelin sheaths

3. In the human immune system, the main function of the _______ is filtering blood.
A. thymus gland
B. spleen
C. tonsils
D. appendix

4. In flowering plants, which of these becomes the female gametophyte?
A. Microspore
B. Pollen grains
C. Pollen sacs
D. Megaspores

1. Professors Harry Markowitz and William Sharpe received their noble prize in economics for their contribution to the.
a. Option pricing model.
b. Theories of working capital management
c. Theories of risk- return and portfolio theory
d. Theories of international capital budgeting

2. With a Subchapter S corporation.
a. Income is taxed as direct income is stockholders
b. Stockholders have the same liability as member of a partnership
c. The number of stockholders is unlimited
d. Life of the corporation is limited

3. Agency theory would imply that conflicts are more likely to occur between management and shareholders when
a. The company is owned and operated by the same person
b. Management acts in the interested of maximizing shareholders wealth.
c. The chairman of the board is also the chief executive officer (CEO).
d. The boards of directors exerts strong and involved oversight of management

4.  The Sarbanes-Oxley Act set up the public company accounting oversight board with the responsibility for all of the following except.
a. Auditing standards with is companies
b. Controlling the quality of audits
c. Certifying the competence of finance executives
d. Setting rules are standards for the independence auditors 




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