Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Position Paper Assignment

Emphasis on course guidelines
This assignment involves investigating a current nutrition topic using available resources. The course syllabus outlines course goals and the following Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Knowledge Requirements for students:
1. To include the role of environment, food, nutrition, and lifestyle choices in health promotion and disease prevention.
2. To survey current concepts of nutrition as related to scientific and popular literature.
3. To identify peer-reviewed articles and make correct in-text citations, bibliographies, references, and internet resources.

Learning Objective
The objective of this assignment is to gain a better understanding of how to identify resources and evaluate current scientific-based nutrition information.
1. Select a nutrition position paper from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website to investigate. Look under the (eatrightpro tab), then the (practice tab), then the (position papers tab), then the (by subject heading).
2. Address all of the following topics:
a. Why did you pick this topic?
b. In a brief statement explaining the exact position of the Academy on this topic?
c. When is the next revision of the position paper? Usually, the papers are revised every five years. Is it written in collaboration with another professional organization? If so which one/s?
d. How do you plan to use some of the information presented in this article?
e. What are two things you would like to know about this topic that the article did not cover?

1. Appropriateness of resources- Was the correct resource used?
2. Quantity of analysis- Were the directions followed?
3. Quality of analysis- Are all questions answered appropriately and the basic overview of the position statement included.
4. Quality of writing- Is the writing clear and organized? Evaluation of grammar and punctuation.
5. Write at least two pages double spaced using New Times Roman Numeral font.

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