Aerosol Drug Administration

Aerosolized medications have an advantage over systemic medications due to the medicine not needing to pass directly through the digestive and circulatory system before reaching their target, the respiratory system. This allows aerosolized medications to have a more rapid onset of action than systemic medications. There are several devices that can be used in aerosol drug delivery and respiratory therapists must be knowledgeable in their indications, use, limitations, and disadvantages.


In your own words, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each aerosol drug delivery device (SVN, MDI, DPI).

What would be ‘some key instructions’ to give the patient on the use of ‘each device’ to achieve the maximum effect from the medication?

Also, critically evaluate and respond to the following two scenarios:

Scenario #1
A physician orders a bronchodilator (albuterol) treatment for a spontaneously breathing adult patient who is able to easily breathe through their mouth or nose. Based on the information and guidelines for aerosol drug delivery, recommend an appropriate delivery device for this therapy. Explain why the device(s) you recommended would be the most effective in delivering the prescribed medication.

Scenario #2
A patient has been prescribed 2 puffs of Ventolin prn for quick relief of his asthma symptoms. However, he expresses to you that he does not experience any relief and feels as though his device is not working properly. What could be going and what recommendations would you make to improve medication delivery and why?

Requirements (read these carefully):

Submit your responses, in your own words, as an essay form, complete sentences, in at least 500 words on a Word document (excluding the prompt, title, cover page, citations/references, quotations). Grammar and spelling count. You must cite at least three references in IWG format to defend your position.

Note: All “Assignments will be automatically run through the Vericite plagiarism checking program.

Everyone check your Vericite score after you’ve submitted your Week’s Assignment.
If the score is higher than 20%, you will need to make the appropriate corrections.
If your Vericite score is high, go in and review the report and identify all those items that are matching to published sources. Next, put these matches into your own words.
Corrections will need to be done before the Assignment’s deadline (Saturday at midnight Mountain time).
Any adjustments made to these correct after the due date will receive a deduction in points for a late submission.

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