Airline Industry – Passenger

Could you please respect the “have one source for each 100 words” rule, Harvard referencing type and put some pictures, graphs, as indicated on the paper.
Here is a recap of the order:
If you look at the assignment brief there are 10 marks for infographics, so figures and tables. Just like referencing, there is a particular way of formatting figures and tables, so have a look at the ‘Hubbing’ report for guidance. Also check your referencing matches the one in the ‘Hubbing’ report. Remember as a rule of thumb you should have one source for each 100 words, so 2,000 words minimum 20 sources.
How many figures/tables? Certainly more than two or three. I would expect to see at least five, and putting a picture of an A380 does not count. Remember this is not a magazine article, so no writing by the side of your figures and/or tables.

  • Double line-space your work and use 12 pt black font (Calibri, or Arial)
  • Write in the third person (avoid ‘I’, ‘my’, “we” etc)
  • Include a cover page and contents page

Sample Solution

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