ANTH-131-QuizzesExam 1 – online


This is the lab exam that we would have had in class, but slightly modified to be online.

This isn’t a group assignment, it is an individual exam. I want you to complete these exams individually, without help from anyone else. Don’t cheat.

This exam is open notes, you can use your notes from class, and you can also use your lab manual. However, don’t use any information from online sources. If there is evidence in your exam of copying from online sources or from the exams of other students, then that can cause you to fail. Your answers need to be in your own words. Don’t plagiarize.

The short answer questions [5 points each] you should usually be able to answer well with two or three sentences of good information.

The longer answer question [10 points] you will probably need a paragraph or two of good information to answer well.

There are 16 short answer questions in this exam, 1 longer answer question, and 1 section where you explain how you would have identified the 5 primate skulls we used in class.

In class it usually takes students between 1 to 2 hours to finish this exam. I have this online version set to a 3 hour time limit just in case anyone needs the full amount of time that they would have had in the classroom. You need to make sure that you give yourself enough time to stay logged into Canvas and working on on the exam to finish it once you start, because you are not able to pause the exam timer once you start (just like in class you can’t leave partway through an exam and then try to finish it at another time). So be sure to manage your time well during the exam.

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