APPLE Internal Audit

APPLE Internal Audit

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Using the Case you have chosen you will complete the first step of the Strategic Management Process. Namely, Environmental Scanning. Environmental scanning comprises two parts. The External Scan/Audit and the Internal Scan/Audit.  Assuming the External Scan has been completed the Internal Scan  will be completed next. The Internal Scan  is important because that is where we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the firm. The following are guidelines to complete the Internal Scan.

As you know the internal environment consists of the:

  1. The Organizational Structure – Corporate Governance, Key Members of Management,

Structural Type

Based on the information in the case, you  are to determine the key elements of the firm’s corporate governance, key members of management and identify the form of organizational structure(functional, divisional, etc.) Make an assessment of whether the structure is consistent with the firm’s strategy. Provide a simplified illustration of the structure.

  1. Organizational Culture – The collection of beliefs, expectations, values learned and shared by a

corporation’s  members   and transmitted from one generation of

employees  to another.

Based on the information in the case and utilizing the discussion found on pages 149-151 in the  text  identify  “the company way.”  The company Hewlett-Packard, better known today as HP is legendary for its  ”HP way.”  From the information in the case describe the driving themes behind what the company does and what it stands for.  An example would be 3M, whose driving theme is innovation.

  1. The Organization’s  Resources – Assets, Skills, Competencies and Knowledge.

Based on the information in the case determine the competitive advantages the firm possess. The functional  units(marketing, human resources, etc.) are the building blocks of competitive advantage. Evaluate each of the functional units in terms of strengths and weaknesses. In other words, what do the functional units do well  in and are strong in and what are they weak in and don’t  do well. Use pages 147-163 as a reference.

This information can be presented in a format consisting of headings, bullet points and where appropriate, transition and introductory sentences. It should be long enough to be complete, thorough and comprehensive.

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