Assessing Student Learning

I’m a student teacher about to earn my Bachelor’s degree. I need to create a formative and summative assessments and write and describe about each section which I’ll provide in my attached files. This assessments need to be for a Spanish high school class (This is for Spanish 3 level). The lesson I want to do is “El cuerpo y la Salud” (The body and the health).This lesson teaches the students how to describe your body, health, and when something hurts. This lesson also explains the use of direct object pronouns to describe when something hurts. My high school on where I taught as a student teacher, is Brandywine High School and it follows a block schedule, and each block lasts 90 minutes.

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The Assessing student SAMPLE I provided, is to show how my paper needs to look like. The assessment needs to be in English! NOT Spanish. My activities and my lesson are in Spanish, but this paper needs to be in English. Just take a look at the sample and you will see.

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