Briefing Memo

Various officials have a social media presence and appear on local radio or host a local podcast. For this assignment, you will prepare a briefing memo with talking points that are focused on a risk management or hazard mitigation message about your community. The audience you are preparing your briefing material for consists of elected officials who do not have subject matter expertise. 

Include the elements listed below in your briefing memo. 

  • Include the risk or hazard to the community, and provide three bullets addressing the primary message that you want to share about the hazard or risk. 
  • Provide a brief critique of the risk or hazard communication tools and existing strategies that are being used in your community. 
  • Identify the action that the message receiver should take to reduce the risk. 
  • Include two samples of what officials would say in a Twitter or social media post. 
  • Provide two questions and answers. 
  • Include contact information on how the receivers can gain more information or actively participate. 
  • Provide notes on lessons learned or best practices. For instance, you might provide a warning about being truthful in front of the media, you might share an instance where being truthful in the media went wrong, or you might show the potential repercussions that being untruthful can have on the information system. 

APA format  is not required 

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