Building on the work you began in the preceding Application Assignments, focus again on your identified bias.

Building on the work you began in the preceding Application Assignments, focus again on your identified bias. So far, you have been asked to analyze the ways in which you have been influenced by a particular discomfort or bias and you will now begin to develop a plan to face this discomfort or bias more directly. In preparation of this assignment review the Application Assignment you submitted in Week 2 and Harro’s “Cycle of Liberation.”

Part A: Identify Your Level of Discomfort/Comfort

Below you will find a list of levels of comfort. Consider which level indicates where you currently are with regard to your discomfort and bias:

I would feel comfortable:

  • Level 1: Seeking out articles about this topic (For example: If your topic is ageism, this might include seeking out and reading an article on age discrimination)
  • Level 2: Watching a provocative documentary. (For example: If your topic is Islamaphobia, this might include watching a documentary on Muslims in America)
  • Level 3: Reading a book written by someone discussing their oppression related to this topic. (For example: If your topic is racism, this might include a book written by a person of color discussing the oppression they have experienced due to their race)
  • Level 4: Speaking to colleague (or a friend or colleague of someone I know) who is a member of this social group. (For example: If your topic is varying abilities, this might schedule lunch with a colleague with varying abilities)
  • Level 5: Visiting a community and/or taking part in an event. (For example, if your topic is homophobia, this might include going to a gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community center or gay pride fair or march)
  • Level 6: Having a close friend from this social group. (For example, having this person stay at your house, traveling together, or spending time with each other’s close friends or family members).
Part B: Moving Towards Liberation

Once you have identified your current level of discomfort/comfort, develop and implement a plan to support your moving to the next level. (For example, if your discomfort is racism and you have identified yourself in Level 3, then you would focus on Level 4 and plan to “speak to a colleague (or a friend or colleague of someone you know)” and do something together.


A summary of the topic you have identified as your discomfort area or bias and your current level of discomfort/comfort and your plan to move to the next level of comfort. (Your plan should include exactly what you are going to do and when. In Week 7, you will write a paper about the way in which you implemented your plan and your thoughts about it.)

Approximate length: 2–3 pages.

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