Business needs, technologies and evaluation

For this assignment, you are expected to research and identify the administrative systems and process needs of your organisation (or an organisation of your choice) and then evaluate emerging business technologies in terms of meeting these business needs. Referring to 1. Identify the business needs by using appropriate research methods. Methods: Quantitative surveys on FB groups Business trends around the world, insights BUSINESS NEEDS due to the last changes in the world Selling online instead to invest energy and effort in offline channels. Training, on-demand content and e-learning Home customisation and artificial reality of having an on-site (showroom) experience with a digital device 2. Describe at least five (5) emerging business technologies relevant to your business EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES Shopify and basic eCommerce websites Video on Demand platforms with monthly subscriptions Augmented reality with your phone Artificial intelligence Automation 3. Evaluate each of these emerging business technologies in terms of meeting the business needs and discuss their benefits and considerations to the organisation EVALUATION Shopify: Helpful for business on small projects Video on Demand, helpful for startups before to migrate to more sophisticated platforms Augmented Reality: Expensive for this time but allows the customer to have a showroom experience when they browse for furniture, new home decorations or clothing. Artificial intelligence: For house saving on electricity, water or cleaning Automation: Shopping list, cleaning and payments

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