Business writing uses graphics extensively for a variety of purposes.

Business writing uses graphics extensively for a variety of purposes. This assignment is designed to help you explore some of the ways graphics are used in actual business documents and to provide examples of content from Learning Objective 12.4 (pp. 377-9).

The first part is to find a business site that uses graphics–good examples include annual reports and other reports. Post a link to that site under this assignment as a new thread. Include with your posting a critique of the graphic(s) it uses. This can include:

What kinds of graphics does it use?

Do these make the statistics easier to understand? Why or why not?

Are any of the graphics misleading? Explain why. For this, look at it in terms of “Applying the FAIR Test” LO 12.7 (pp. 396-7).

What is correctly (or incorrectly) shown? How could the graphic(s) be improved?

For the second part, visit the sites that other students posted and comment on their findings (as a reply to the original posting). Do this for at least one site. As an extra credit item, review and comment on two additional threads. The threads are worth 10 points each. This exercise therefore has 50 points for full credit but you can earn up to 70.

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