C03: Categorize issues and concerns in global sourcing decisions

Course Objective:

C03: Categorize issues and concerns in global sourcing decisions


Discuss the use of Incoterms in international trade. At a minimum, address aspects such as the value Incoterms bring to an agreement, the advantages or disadvantages of using a specific Incoterm, and what companies need to know when using Incoterms.

Information from the International Chamber of Commerce about the newest Incoterms 2020 is available at their site:



Write a 1,000 word APA formatted paper on the use of Incoterms in international trade

All charts, graphs, pictures are to go in the appendix (not a substitute for content)

Make sure you use three to five credible and reliable resources; format in APA

Refrain from excessive use of quotes in your response (less than 5%)

Once you submit your document to the assignment folder it will automatically be loaded to TURNITIN.COM within the course. Your similarity scan score must be 20% or less (the following will be excluded: headers, bibliography, etc. prior to instructor grading paper—focus on the content of scan percentage)

Plagiarism will result in an automatic zero for this assignment

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