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Read: “Millennials Are Selfish and Entitled, and Helicopter Parents Are to Blame,” and “The One-Sided Culture War against Children,” pp. 440-447 and answer the following questions. In addition, complete the discussion posted within Canvas.:

“Millennials Are Selfish and Entitled, and Helicopter Parents Are to Blame,”

In paragraphs 4 and 5, Nick Gillespie cites a number of statistics indicating support for restrictions on when and where children can be on their own. He ends paragraph 4 with the statement, “Unless you live on a traffic island or a war zone, that’s just nuts.” Does the dismissive tone of that statement undercut Gillespie’s argument? In your opinion, what would have been a more convincing response to parental concerns about their children’s safety? 

Gillespie states in paragraph 6 that contrary to popular belief, “children are safer than ever.” He cites a study that shows the decline in violence against children between 2003 and 2011. What does Gillespie suggest are the reasons that popular perceptions of danger toward children have increased? Do you agree with his argument? Why, or why not? 

Gillespie’s final paragraph ends with an implied threat: Children who have been coddled will grow up to be selfish adults who will ignore the needs of their parents when they reach their senior years. Do you agree with Gillespie’s assessment? Why, or why not?

“The One-Sided Culture War against Children,”

In the opening paragraphs of this excerpt, Alfie Kohn argues that otherwise liberal writers and public officials have taken conservative or “traditionalist” positions when it comes to the subject of raising children. Why does the fact that many liberals and conservatives are in agreement on this issue bother Kohn? What alternatives, if any, does he propose?

In paragraph 7, Kohn presents a bullet-point list of common observations that older Americans make about children and young adults today. Do you agree with the statements in the list? Why, or why not? 

In paragraph 8, Kohn argues that values such as “perseverance or ‘grit’” have not been examined skeptically. In what ways might “grit” be bad? Be specific in your response.

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