Capstone Paper Requirements

Capstone Paper Requirements

The following is a typical structure for a capstone paper:

  • Title page: this will contain the program details and the title of your paper
  • Abstract: written last this is a summary of your whole paper from start to finish and usually follow the same structure as your paper.
  • Introduction: this should clearly state the problem that you are looking to resolve and the importance of finding a solution to it.
  • Problem description: this should be a detailed description of the problem that you are going to solve along with your project goals and research questions.
  • Review of literature: this section will show what is already known about your topic through a review and synthesis of the available literature in the field.
  • Project description: this will describe the methods that you used to conduct your study in enough detail for the reader to be able to do the project themselves should they so wish.
  • Results: these are the results that you have found through your research as the name suggests.
  • Discussion and conclusions: this should show what the main findings are of your research and relate them to your research questions and goals. It should show the importance of what you have found as well as any limitations and any further work which should be considered.
  • References: all works that you have referred to within your paper should be listed in this section using the appropriate format.
  • Appendices: this is information that is not included within the main text which may include survey questions and data tables

How to Write an Effective IT Capstone Project

Of course coming up with good IT capstone project ideas and doing your research is only the start. You still have to actually write that all important paper. Something that can take a considerable amount of effort and time. The following tips will help you to ensure that your paper will be written effectively and quickly:

  • Plan your writing: a simple plan with clear milestones for completing every section will help you to ensure that things get done on time.
  • Set a daily target: having an achievable target for how many words you will write each day will ensure steady and continuous progress.
  • Have a clear routine: by working at the same time every day you will get into a routine and make more progress.
  • Outline the paper: a simple outline that shows what needs to be written within each section will make writing easier while helping you to avoid issues.
  • Proofread and edit the writing: always ensure that the writing is your very best and that it is free from any errors.

Graded Assignment 2 Submit Project Idea

This what I want to right about   this has been graded I got all 250 points

 I wanted to talk about father rights when it comes to divorce or separations and what troubles they face when going through these situations. There are some programs that offer help but not many. Many fathers give up fighting for their children in most cases because of lack of finances or just not understanding the rights with my project I would like to research father rights an explore options that will help fathers have a fair chance in the courtroom.


  • Due Dec 11 by 11:59pm
  • Points

Project Documentation:  These are electronic documents, appropriate for passing the entire project to another team of technical experts. Documentation will include items such as: the tools used in the creation of the project, the technical specifications for the project, the technical difficulties / pitfalls that may be encountered by the subsequent team.  This documentation is intended to ensure that the project will not end when the semester is over.  250 points


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