Case analysis two will be due on Thursday, September 24, at midnight.

Case analysis two will be due on Thursday, September 24, at midnight. The topic of this case analysis should be related to Chapter 6. Send it to me as a Word document attached to an email message. Send it to me through Canvas.

You are limited to no more than four pages: Title page,  the analysis (no more than two pages), and the reference list. Be sure to submit your analysis as a Word document.

I recommend three to five sentences for each section, with exception of section four, Alternative Actions. The table format that I provided is a very useful approach to alternative actions.

Here are some lessons learned from Case Analysis One:

1. Use the case analysis template that I provided: it is set up with running head, page numbers, format, reference list, etc. 

2. Be sure in-text citations are properly aligned with reference list entries. You probably don’t need more than three to four sources. You should have one in-text citation for each section. They do not have to be different sources. You can use one source several times. All sources must be cited in accordance with the APA, 7th edition. It is a good idea to bring the textbook into your analysis.

3. The introduction sets the foundation for your analysis.

4. The problem statement should be stated right upfront. Don’t expect me to figure out what your problem is, tell me: “The problem is….”

5. The problem statement becomes the central theme of your analysis. Everything must be attached to it.

6. After “The problem is…” everything else in the problem statement should tell me what caused the problem and/or what contributes to it.

7. Significance of the problem is the result of the problem. If the problem is not corrected what will result.

8. Alternative actions, are corrective actions, what you would do to correct the problem. Tell me the reason for your alternatives and then provide two advantages and two disadvantages.

9. The recommendation is your chance to fix the problem if you had unlimited resources. If you were Jeff Besos what would you do? Provide your recommendation, with rationale, one advantage, and one disadvantage.

10. Then, make sure your reference list is representative of your work.

I uploaded the . Case Analysis rubric and a sample of a case analysis .let that helps you to make this one

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