Click HERE to listen to Week 8 Powerpoint Lecture – Defending and Redefining the NationPreview the document

Also, read Chapter 9 – Industrial Transformation in the North, 1800–1850 (Links to an external site.) – and submit a text response to two of the following questions by Friday, October 16 at midnight.

This a low-stakes assignment, meaning that I want you to start thinking about these questions and preparing for answering complex historical questions on the exams.

Industrialization in the Northeast produced great benefits and also major problems. What were they? Who benefited and who suffered? Did the benefits outweigh the problems, or vice versa?

What factors led to the Panic of 1819? What government regulations might have prevented it?

Would the Industrial Revolution have been possible without the use of slave labor? Why or why not?

What might have been the advantages and disadvantages of railroads for the people who lived along the routes or near the stations?

What were the values of the middle class? How did they differ from the values of those above and below them on the socioeconomic ladder? In what ways are these values similar to or different from those held by the middle class today?

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