Comprehensive Excel Capital Budgeting Model

Example of Comprehensive Excel Capital Budgeting Model

·       2 Capital Bud Model With Notes 0117.xls(56.5 KB)


Planning the Capital Budgeting Assignment 2

·       1 Plan Capital Budgeting Proj 0117.xls(32 KB)



Supplement: Developing Capital Budgeting Models With Excel


Using Excel in Capital Budgeting –

Attached are Excel Worksheets that demonstrate how to use Excel in preparing Capital Budgeting analyses.  These Worksheets will give you some ideas, but you are to develop your own models!

The Worksheets demonstrate how to calculate (1) Net Present Value (NPV), (2) Internal Rate of Return (IRR), (3) Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR), and (4) calculating MIRR with a financial calculator (which becomes a two-step process). One model also prepares a Net Present Value Profile for the project, which shows the NPV of the project at various discount rates.

If you have any questions about the methods, the models, or Excel, please post them in the discussion.

·       Excel In Cap Budgeting 0116.xls(46.5 KB)

·       Sample Capital Budget Analysis 0116.xlsx(13.41 KB)



Assigned Readings Week 4

·       PWC Finance Function for Future 2014.pdf(1.83 MB)

·       1.5 How Do CFOs Make Capital Budgeting Decisions.pdf(187.28 KB)

·       2 Cap Budgeting Lecture Reinhardt.pdf(600.43 KB)

·       3 Risk Adjusted Discount Rate Cengage.pdf(169.14 KB)

·       4 Optimizing Working Cap.pdf(164.39 KB)

·       6 McKinsey How Finance Departments Are Changing 0409.docx(249.3 KB)



Profitability, Excess Returns and Governance (Damodaran)

·       Profits Excess Returns & Governance 0117.docx(326.82 KB)


Damodaran’s Apple Stock Valuation


Cost of Capital in Finance (Damodaran)

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