COMS 450

Dr. Melissa Tindage

Online Activities #5

Chapter 6

Probability Sampling

1. Describe how you would select a probability sample from the following identified populations and for the research purposes:

PopulationResearch PurposeHow would you select a sample?
Adults over age 18 with driver’s licenses in your stateTo determine the degree to which campaigns about signing organ donor cards on the backs of driver’s licenses have been effective 
Teenagers (ages 13–18) who smoke more than five cigarettes per weekTo test the effectiveness of antismoking messages 
Managers and subordinates who have worked together for more than three yearsTo test the influence of the manager’s conflict-management style on subordinates’ perceptions of manager’s leadership style 

Non-Probability Sampling

2. Network sampling has been used to identify participants for a study of married couples as well as a study of individuals who have been divorced. Snowball sampling has been used to identify partici­pants for a study of interracial communication. Describe other sampling methods that would enable you to conduct research on these three populations.

a. Married couples:

b. Individuals who have been divorced:

c. Interracial communication:

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