• Word Limits: Maximum 2000 words per each question
• Format: A4 size paper, Single spacing, 25 mm margins (all sides) and Times Roman
font 12.
• File format: Microsoft Word and/or PDF/JPG for a scanned copy of hand-written
• Cover page: must include (a) Course Name and No. (CIVL5555); (b) Coursework
Assignment name (“Extended Assignment”); (c) your name and Univ. No. etc.
REFERENCES – You should list all references used at the end. It is also recommended
to cite specific references (in your text) at the locations where you drew material from

Question 1 – Answer ALL PARTS of this Question.
A road project was delivered in traditional mode (Design-Bid-Build). A consultant was hired
to carry out the detail design, prepare contract documents and carry out construction
supervision. Contract duration is 2 years and construction work commenced on 1 May 2019.
According to the construction practice in Hong Kong, the consultant is the Engineer of Contract
(the Engineer).
a. Briefly discuss the rights and obligation of contractor in this road construction contract.
Then comment on the statement: “Drawing is a contract document that would protect the
interest of both the client and contractor.” (10 marks)
b. The Engineer was asked to assess the performance of the contractor in the last 12
months. In your own view, (i) suggest, with reasons, THREE key performance factors
that should be considered by the Engineer (ii) name the relevant contract documents that
stipulate the requirements for the key performance factors suggested in (i). (10 marks)
c. Assume the contractor is performing, identify other possible risks that might affect the
progress of the works in the remaining contract period and briefly discuss contractual
consequence if delay occurred. (5 marks)
Include examples in the answers to (a), (b) and (c).

Question 2 – Answer ALL PARTS of this Question.
a. The principle of sustainable development advocates balance growth in economic, social
and environmental attributes that benefit society now and in the future. Balance growth
of these three attributes is the way towards a true sustainable society. Use Hong Kong*
as an example to elaborate your view on the importance of balance growth of economic,
social and environmental attributes of a society. (12.5 Marks)
To answer this question students are required to provide source of reference, e.g. GDP,
Gini coefficient, Happiness Index, etc. to support their arguments.
* Exchange students who may not be familiar with Hong Kong may use a city from
his/her country of origin as example to answer this question.
b. Define the following school of thoughts for materials selection in construction works:
1. Ecological School of Thought
2. LCA School of Thought
You are required to choose one of the above school of thoughts in manufacturing structural
steel. Discuss the reasons of your choice. (12.5 Marks)

Question 3 – Answer ALL PARTS of this Question.
a. Value engineering and lean construction are two effective strategies for enhancing the
performance of the construction industry.
i. Describe the key stages of conducting a value engineering exercise using the
example of optimizing the design of the building of the International Commerce
Centre (ICC). (4 marks)
ii. Explain the principles of lean and elaborate the principles within the context of
lean construction. (5 marks)
b. Method study is an effective technique for enhancing the productivity of construction.
i. Explain the steps of conducting a method study (2 marks).
ii. Draw a flow diagram to illustrate the work process of cutting and bending
structural rebars for fabricating a column rebar cage (3 marks).
iii. Provide three recommendations for improving the productivity of rebar cutting and
bending (3 marks).
c. Modular construction has been promoted globally to improve quality, sustainability and
productivity of construction.
i. Explain the concept of modular integrated construction (MiC) (3 marks).
ii. Discuss the adoption of MiC in comparison with the precast concrete practice for
public housing in Hong Kong. (5 marks)

Question 4 – Answer ALL PARTS of this Question.
a. Draw and explain a building lifecycle process in terms of key activities in each phase,
actors and outputs. (5 marks)
b. Explain the importance of the concept design phase for construction projects. (7 marks)
c. Explain how the IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) strategy can help the project team
better perform in the design phase and what benefits are expected. (7 marks)
d. Explain how to use the network analysis to effectively manage a construction project.
(6 marks)


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