Creating academic presentations

Creating academic presentations

Creating academic presentations (and papers) often begin with an outline. For this discussion, you will use the research you have been collecting for Project 2 and create an outline of your information. You will post your outline in this forum and then receive feedback from others on it. An outline generally follows this type of format:

I. Main Idea

A. Supporting Idea

  1. Research, data, facts

Many word processing programs have outline formatting tools to help you. This Purdue OWL Sample Outlines PDF (Links to an external site.) ( examples of outline formats as well.


Post your outline. (Note: It is best to create this in a word processing program first.) You may find that when you post, your formatting might not exactly match what you created offline. Do not worry about formatting your outline exactly — the goal is to make certain your main points are clear enough for another person to look at.

Discussion Guidelines
Read and respond to others’ posts as well, keeping in mind some basic rules for netiquette (Links to an external site.) (

Be kind and respectful to others
Use full sentences
Don’t use too much jargon
Treat others online as you wish to be treated
Use language that supports others

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