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Social: An organization’s way of life is a piece of the DNA of an association, and may not be settled on. It is a test to deal with any new change which influences the organization’s social qualities. At GIPCL, for instance, searching of representatives by the security is viewed as improper. This test was tended to by giving the CCMS (flask coupon the board framework) closeness cards. Workers need to swipe it in the container and their supper checks are recorded. The HR, as well, can without much of a stretch oversee records and screen the staff.

Physcologica: Employees create protection from change process the same number of times they dread of their work getting straightforward, therefore botches/wasteful aspects getting featured. For example, at GIPCL, it was after the administration imparted to representatives that they wouldn’t lose on any of their privileges (for example conveying forward the coupon balance) in the event that they utilized closeness cards rather than coupons, they concurred for the change procedure.

Deliberate: At times, a couple of people may purposefully make issues to hinder the change procedure. At fitting level, this sort of goals ought to be recognized and tended to reasonably by the administration. A couple GIPCL workers who would not like to utilize the framework would routinely grumble of the CCMS being awkward, complex, and moderate. At last, after customary correspondence and mediation by the senior administration, their protection from the change procedure reduced.


The objective of the change management process is to guarantee that institutionalized techniques and strategies are utilized for proficient and brief treatment all things considered, so as to limit the effect of progress related episodes upon administration quality, and thusly improve the everyday tasks of the association. There are many challenges that occurs in this change management process which follows as below.

First challenge in change management process faces is the need of change and importance of that change. In many organizations, the change is not felt until something disastrous occurs. It is upon the change management team to recognize the urgency of the change so the workability of the IT security in terms of accuracy, authentication, and integrity of information can be increased to the maximum.

Another one is having and working the team with single agenda. Since change management is responsible for the change, they need to have multiple teams for multiple tasks and each team must be capable to have a vision about the change regarding IT security. Such as implementations of different policies, hardware or software up-gradation or even introduction of the new system to increase the working of the system.

It is necessary to have proper methodologies with a base time span since it empowers the group to make sense of any issue and its answer in less time too. For example, changes in the documentation and updating them with the change procedure to adjust the changes. It tends to be done through correspondence and extent of the change that is being proposed and how it will affect the usefulness of the association.

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