Eric is author of Race-Baiter, How the Media Wields Dangerous Words ot Divide a Nation.

His is also NPR’s TV Critic and Media Analyst for MSNBC/NBC News.

We had a wide ranging conversation today, but I’d like to give you two prompts on which to reflect and engage with this lecture.

Prompt #1: Eric discusses how he goes about creating a 3-4 minute review of a television series in an almost step-by-step manner. Create your own review of a television program that you love, hate, or are just trying to explain. It can be audio, video, or written, although audio is preferred as that is his main medium. Do a great job and I’ll get make sure he hears it and gives you feedback!

Prompt #2: On Twitter, people have been encouraging Eric to moderate the next debate (if there ever is one). In our conversation, he talks about what’s wrong with how the debates have been moderated and how he’d do it differently. What do you think? Is he right? What would you do as moderator?

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