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In your Excel Sheet Netacad, type your appropriate answer.

  1. Mr. Yousef using private browsing by using Safari Browser. Identify the mode to do private browsing in Safari Browser?
  2. While downloading a software malicious malware entered into Ahmed’s laptop, it carries out malicious operations under a desired operation. Identify the malware entered into Ahmed’s laptop?
  3. Identify an attack a malicious party sends a fraudulent email disguised as being from a legitimate, trusted source?
  4. Identify a mechanism that makes copies of files in case the originals are lost or destroyed.
  5. In computer security that computer system assets can be modified only by authorized parities is called as
  6. An Attacker listening and capturing packets sent on the network to discover the password in a wireless network, this type of attack is called as
  7. Mr. Omer is a hacker who hacks InfoTech Inc. website without permission and later he informed the company that there are weak points in the website, where the attack can happen. This type of hacker is called as
  8. Many of the most damaging computer worms like Nimbda, CodeRed, BugBear, Klez and Slammer are better categorized as
  9. Mr. Rashid is a technician who knew some personal information of his friend and used that information to threaten him through mobile phone. Which of the article did Mr. Rashid breach?
  10. Ahmed was in a shopping mall. He used his phone to take a video of the two people who were involved in personal argument. Which of the article did Ahmed breach?
  11. Mr. Emad want to delete some of the data from his laptop permanently. Identify the tool that can be used to delete his data permanently?
  12. The attacker tries several possible passwords in an attempt to guess the password of a publicly available router. This method of attack is called as
  13. When an attacker quickly follows an authorized person into a secure location is called as
  14. Mr. Usama is created new account in Instagram. Suggest him which information he should not use in social media
  15. By using which technology Muscat International Airport having a large network of physical objects, such as sensors and equipment that extend beyond the traditional computer network.

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