First, decide who your audience is.

Now, let’s talk about the article or content you intend to create.

First, decide who your audience is. Who will get the most benefit from your content? Define those people as well as you can.

Second, decide how you will reach that audience most effectively. With a print article? A video? A podcast? A flyer? Through a website or social media?

Third, figure out what media products your intended audience uses to get information. Writing an article for a print publication will reach a certain kind of audience. Putting the same content on a website or blog will reach a different kind of audience. You need to pick the best method, and then look to see WHICH website, blog, print publication or whatever is going to reach exactly the people you want to reach.

Fourth, once you’ve identified a publication that will reach the people you want to reach, then look deeply at how that publication (or the editor of that publication) “speaks” to the audience. For example, there may be three or four magazines available that focus on the same general topic. But one of them may be historical while others may speak to the women interested in the topic (or men or children, or some specific profession). In other words, if there’s more than one content outlet, they will speak to different parts of the general audience. You will need to know not only what part of the audience a publication targets, but also how the editor likes content structured. Proposing a long article to a publication that only publishes short articles is not going to work out, for instance.

About topic

1. its observational skills (notice all details)

2. Write about something you are interested. What you observed so far

3. Work on your story ( work on interview if you are going to ask people)

4. Article should answer all 5W’

5.Try to break paragraphs so it will be readable and will keep readers engaged.

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