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Free Dog Park Promotion

            In the ‘the Running Free Dog’ promotional efforts, the objective of the second stage promotional billboard shows unfastened dog thus allowing the dog to run. The figurative speech allows the target customers to understand that obligation is to let the dogs in the park free as it states. At this stage the dog service providers are trying to ensure that functional activities of the business firm matches with their objectives, specifies their objectives so that clients can know what they are dealing with exclusively, influencing the selection of the brand by reinforcing earlier message and specializing on a focus that will help in marketing decision alongside the needed effort. In addition to that providing incentives for team for example the dog owners don’t need to worry about free dogs getting lost as they are monitored.

            The three exposure theory will be effective as it pass information three times in order to be effective. At first the consumer is enticed with picture of dog to think what is this? The second tries to find out the content and last stage comprise the previous information jogging their memory. At the second stage the promoter has created awareness on the product in question. This helps the clients to make a decision based on their impression. First tactic has been getting their attention and intrigue them to understand that better services are offered by the dog free running park, thus ease their decision to seek for the services. This theory uses the human factors in attention for designing better advertisements making advertisers to utilize it to attract a client (Chitty , et al., 2017).

            In terms of promotion, the dog free running business should adopt outdoor billboard as mean to market their services. The first reason is it has wide target of clients where everyone can get access to the information, outdoor billboard creates impression  thus to attract attention faster due to the conspicuousness for example seeing picture of a dog will attract them automatically,  billboard compared to other means is timely as many people may not get access to televisions, newspaper  and radio but can see the billboard for free and guaranteed audiences thus recycling memory can turn them to respond positively to the services offered. However it has some disadvantages like high cost of erecting a billboard, visibility issues, no feedback from potential clients who could have ideas and does not have specific target market thus not appealing to uninterested group.

            Apart from outdoor billboard, social media supplement traditional methods by increasing the brand awareness since it is an interactive process and engaging a broad audience of clients. Another benefit from social media is that it is cost effective as it affordable just uploading details on the site where clients can reach compare to other mediums,  social media also allows business to give a positive impression referring to humanization factor which helps sharing content, branding, commenting and status personifies the brand. Social media also helps in achieving customer satisfaction as the brand is personified you can feedback from customers comments and showing care by interacting with them. This provides forum where they can easily lodge their complaints along suggestion like new dog services and in turn clients will appreciate knowing their concerns are noticed and corrected (Shimp, 2010).

 Also non-traditional methods like buzz marketing can be used where it focuses on a group of trendsetter to market services. For example, a celebrity bringing their dogs into the free running park, this will stimulate people to join in and also bring their dogs to the park where celebrities brings their dogs.  These two methods improvise the traditional methods greatly into attracting and retaining their customers.

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