Guidelines: Current Event Purpose In this assignment, you are required to find a current event and submit a 300+ word paper.

Guidelines: Current Event Purpose In this assignment, you are required to find a current event and submit a 300+ word paper. You may choose to read a newspaper/magazine article or watch a documentary or a film. If you choose to read an article, it must be published in 2020. If you choose to watch a documentary it is ok to cover a more general issue, such as water/rivers, climate change, earthquakes, etc. This assignment is meant to be fun and show you that physical geography is all around you! You can choose to relate an article/film to any topic in the textbook, even if we have not covered it yet. If you would like to explore a topic not in the textbook, but is still related to physical geography, please email me with the article/film for approval. This assignment includes

1. You need to find your own current event article/film/documentary and complete a written- up – 40 pts

2. After submitting your written-up, you will automatically be assigned to review at Oct 5 and give feedback on two fellow students – 20 pts (10 points per peer review)

This guideline will provide detailed information about how to write your paper and how to format your paper. Instruction about peer review will be provided in ‘Instruction_Peer_Review’ document on Canvas. Instructions This write-up is expected to demonstrate your scientific knowledge and understanding of the material/topic. It is very important that you must use proper terminology/material from the textbook to provide an in-depth explanation of the concepts covered in the article/film. Be sure to use your own words, do not copy and paste from your source. In this write up, you should do the following four things:

1) Summarize the event: e.g. what is the event 2) Explain in detail the concepts described, using terms from the book 3) Explain how this event is related to physical geography: e.g. physical processes/phenomena 4) Understand the importance of the event 5) Provide a proper citation for the article/film AND TEXTBOOK

Format and style

• Essay style, clear train of thought throughout. • Times New Roman font, 12 pt, 1.5 spacing. • 300+ words. (Do not less than 300 words) • If you include any figures, you should order it (i.e., Fig 1) and each figure have the captions

in the same font, 10 pt size. Reference for the figure is necessary and should be included at the end of the captions.

• References should be provided in ‘Reference guidelines. You can use in-text numerical form or author name forms.

Note: You will not receive full credit if you do not cite the textbook in proper format.

Due Please submit before the end of day (midnight) Saturday October 3rd Resources Here provides some websites and documentaries for you to find the article/documentary you might be interested. It does not mean you have to use them. You can choose any resources you like and complete this assignment. Just be make sure that the event must be related to physical geography. Some example websites provided for articles: Other options for documentaries on Netflix: Generation Earth (Watch just one episode) The Future of Water (Water Resources) Mission Blue (Oceanography/Biomes/Climate Change) Chasing Ice (Glaciers/Climate Change) Watershed: Exploring a New Water Ethic for the New West A River Between Us (Water Resources) Seeds of Time (Agriculture/Climate Change) The Great Invisible (Gulf Oil Spill/ Ocean Biome) Catching the Sun (Energy/ Solar insolation/ Climate Change) Any questions, you can always contact me (

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