Healthy People 2020: Understanding and Improving Health

Please answer the following 3 questions:

1. Briefly discuss how “a commitment” by a state or local health department can meet the objectives of Healthy People 2020 and affect public policy. Must incorporate resource provided.

Adeniyi, O. V., Longo-Mbenza, B., & Goon, D. (2015). Female sex, poverty and globalization as determinants of obesity among rural South African type 2 diabetics: a cross-sectional study. BMC public health, 15(1), 298

2.What is the role of “Healthier US” and what are the policy and environmental changes that are directed toward achieving a healthier lifestyle? An environmental change, such as eating “green” can help achieve a healthier lifestyle. Explain why. Must use:

Woolf, S. H., Johnson, R. E., Phillips, R. L., & Philipsen, M. (2007). Giving everyone the health of the educated: An examination of whether social change would save more lives than medical advances. American Journal of Public Health, 97(4), 679-683. Retrieved from ProQuest.

3.Do you consider it to be appropriate for a state or county health department to set objectives which are not compatible with CDC’s Healthy People 2020 topics and objectives? Please support your position. Must use:

Potvin, L., Gendron, S., Bilodeau, A., & Chabot, P. (2005) Integrating social theory into public health practice. American Journal of Public Health, 95(4), 591. Retrieved from ProQuest.

Length: 2-3 pages, APA format, please use good thoughts and ideas.

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