Purpose: The primary purpose of this assignment is to individually identify the main issues, challenges and/or opportunities for your Capstone client. This individual assignment should build upon your team’s ongoing work, but you will generate this individual report to show your analytical skills specific to this course as well as your overall written communication, critical thinking and information literacy skills.

Audience/Context: The audience for this assignment will include your professor as well as other business faculty. The assignment will be used at the BSBA program level to assess written communications and critical thinking skills. Since some of your audience might not be familiar with the project, begin with a brief overview of your client’s operations and business model. Write your report in narrative form, with appropriate headings and citations to support your evidence. Your report should not exceed three double-spaced pages of analysis, plus references and exhibits as needed.

Task: Identify and assess the top three issues, challenges and/or opportunities that your client firm faces. Explain why these are the most important strategic issues that your client should address. Incorporate and document credible sources as evidence to support your conclusions and analysis, following APA guidelines for citations. Draw on the analytical tools from this course in your analysis of each of the main issues you identify.

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