Human Resources Managment

For questions 8, 9, and 10: Answer the question and then provide a rationale for your answer. Students who fail to provide rationale for questions in Part II (8, 9, & 10) will receive zero points for these answers even if they are correct. Students need to provide APA Style in-text citations for each rationale. You must identify the employment law which has been broken or would cover this area and shows the law has not been broken because the situation does not meet all the criteria specified. You may use the library database (See canvas or call a librarian for additional information), your book, or look on DOL, SHRM, EEOC, OSHA, or EEOC websites only.

8) As an employer, you can select those applicants who are the most qualified in terms of education and experience.

Answer (yes or no) and provide rationale for your answer. 3 Points

9) You are in the process of hiring someone for an empty custodial staff position. During the interview, the candidate mentions that since birth he has sometimes experienced short periods of memory loss. Must you consider this individual a disabled person under the American’s with Disabilities Act of 1990?

Answer (yes or no) and provide rationale for your answer. 3 Points

10) As a manager for a new H&M Clothing Store in Maine you decide to revamp the selection criteria for store employees because too many young kids today are using drugs and may be lazy employees if they are smoking marijuana. Are you within your legal right to drug test all store employees before they are hired and refuse to hire anyone who test positive for marijuana usage?

Answer (yes or no) and provide rationale for your answer. 3 Points

For Part II, provide support for your answers and indicate where you gathered supporting evidence with in-text APA Citations. Your similarity match for this section must be below 30% on the TURNITIN.COM plagiarism software, which means you may not just cut and paste answer for your entire paper. Some direct quotes are acceptable but use in-text citations to reference facts you learned in an article but wrote in your own words.

All answers should include multiple in-text citations consistent with APA formatting style guidelines. If your paper contains plagiarized material, you will receive a zero. Additionally, one point will be deducted for each APA formatting error so please review guidelines carefully. Answers without in-text citations will automatically receive a zero.

You may use your textbook to answer questions. In addition, use the library database system to find peer-reviewed journal articles to find support for your suppositions. You should have at least three additional peer-reviewed journal articles or approved web-based resources, which are used as in-text citations as well as references for these sources on a separate “Reference” page.

No websites may be used except DOL, SHRM, EEOC, OSHA, FLSA, ADA, or EEOC as well as governmental websites for the state of Maine.

Answers must be in complete sentences. One point will be deducted for each incomplete sentence.

These questions cannot be answered fully in one or two sentences. An imperative skill to have as a manager is persuasive communication. Create a compelling narrative when answering questions. This means using research and facts while avoiding conjecture. You should be able to fully answer questions in four sentences (depending on the length of your sentences).

Please proofread your assignment answers. Grammatical mistakes detract from a paper’s readability as well as make an argument less compelling. Remember, you receive 2 bonus points each time you bring your paper to the writing center or meet with a writing center tutor online.

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