I will attach a file of the topic proposal about the lack of drivers in the USA.

I will attach a file of the topic proposal about the lack of drivers in the USA. check it first please, and a plan to let u now briefly wt I am thinking about.

In this assignment I want u to write a Progress report. Later on I will give u the whole report of the 10 pages instructions when it comes to the report

This assignment instructions:

Please send an e-mail (proper business format) updating me on the progress on your report. You may use the message below as a model. It explains the format and content. Even if you submit the message under Canvas here, you still need to e-mail it (with a proper subject line) 5:00 pm 23 October.

Professor Morin:

{1-2 line introduction] Over the past week I have made significant progress on my report about —-.

{Body 2-3 paragraphs long, with some GH-graphical highlighting. Discuss what you have done, any substantial changes since last update, and give an idea of what you be doing. Try to give an idea of what the project s about now.}After writing my topic proposal and doing some research on the library databases, I came up with the idea to expand my topic to cover —. We talked about this briefly in — last semester. I think that explaining the idea of an — in my report will bring up a —.

Also, I have made a questionnaire —.

In the upcoming days I plan to focus on the following: {Add bullets and specifics}
• Summarizing/paraphrasing my sources
• Creating/researching business graphics
• Citing sources and developing a bibliography

Overall, I want my formal report to emphasize

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