In Unit 4, you practiced analyzing statistical data.

In Unit 4, you practiced analyzing statistical data. In this activity, you will further practice your analytical skills by creating 5 different charts from the data you analyzed in Unit 4. Additionally, you will create a presentation including each of those charts and explain why you used the selected chart.

The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Download 1 of the following datasets of offenses reported:
  2. Using the provided data and your analyzed data, create 5 different charts.
  3. Create a PowerPoint presentation effectively presenting each of your charts, with a written description of each chart.
  4. The PowerPoint presentation should be at least 6 slides: 1 title slide and 5 slides reflecting each chart and an explanation of why you used this selected chart.

 The attached file may help with the data. It was based on the Honolulu Police Department Data and was our previous assignment.  So this one will need to be based on the Honolulu police department attached in the instructions as well.  Look forward to working with you! 

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