Instead of seeing a career as something that you discover, see it as something that you choose.

Instead of seeing a career as something that you discover, see it as something that you choose. You don’t find the right career. You create it.… There’s a big difference between these two approaches. Thinking that there’s only one “correct” choice for your career can lead to anxiety: Did I choose the right one? What if I made a mistake?  

Viewing your career as a creation helps you relax. You don’t have to worry about finding the “right” career. Choose a career today, knowing that you can choose again later. 

—David Ellis, From Master Student to Master Employee 

Today you will engage in a career self-assessment to help you dig deeper into your understanding and exploration of your chosen career field. Work through this process even though you have already declared a major and you may know what career you would like to pursue. This exercise will either validate your choice or motivate you to explore more options.  

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