This quiz follows from our consideration of how Rhetoric has offered us about 3000 years of beautiful Influencer experience, history, and technique.

“The Rhetorical Situation” by Lloyd Bitzer

“Facts Aren’t Enough: The Psychology of False Beliefs” with Shankar Vedantam

“We Are Virginia Tech” by Nikki Giovanni

Obama at Tuscon

Obama at Charleston

Trump on Charlottesville

Trump on Las Vegas

Here is this week’s Quiz:

Comment on someone else’s post at “Change A View”: Link (Links to an external site.)
You may choose any view that interests you: Take the “Change A View” Project seriously … Choose a posted view and respond to it. Your response must be yours, authentic, inviting, clear, edited, and proofread. The response that you post must follow the rules of the “Change A View” project.

You need not respond to one of your classmates’ original posts … You may do so, but you don’t have to: choose a view that you can address with decency, clarity, and charisma.

Enter the link to the response that you post as the answer to the quiz question. There is only one quiz question this week. The answer is the url to your “Change a View” post.

you can login to my account and check every infor you need to complete this weekly quiz, thank you !

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