integumentary and skeletal systems and how they work together to maintain homeostasis and osteoporosis

explore the foundations of both systems and explain how they work together to protect our bodies. Finally, I want you to explore one common condition – osteoporosis – and explain the causative factors of this condition.

repare a written paper to Dr. Jake Smith of at least 500 words that includes the following:
Describe the general structures and functions of the integumentary and skeletal systems and how they work together to maintain homeostasis.
Describe the types of problems that would occur if this body system could not maintain homeostasis.
Next, explore the normal functions of the bones and bone cells so that you can describe what factors may contribute to Jake’s osteoporosis case. Specifically:
Mention the name of the bone cells and their function in modeling and remodeling the bone tissue.
What factors can increase or decrease the action of the bone cells, and what is the result?
How does the body maintain the balance between bone resorption and bone formation?
Based on the causal factors of osteoporosis you have detected, which are preventable or curable? Is hormonal replacement therapy the solution? Explain.
Your paper should be formatted as a proper research paper with an introduction and conclusion. Do not simply follow the bullet points above, but really think about what you have learned and how that relates to other material we have covered, and knowledge you have from other courses you may have taken.
All references must be cited using APA Style format.

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