It seems that Christianity has such deep history.

    It seems that Christianity has such deep history. I know I have commented on it a few times, but I recently took a Religious Studies class so I enjoy discussing things I actually know LOL.

            Islam, Judaism and Christianity relate as they are all considered Abrahamic religions. This means that they all recognize Abraham as the first prophet. They also practice monotheism in their belief of one God, the Father. Another thing they have in common is their shared birthplace. What we learned in chapter 8 tells us the tale of Isma’il. The biblical version is that Abraham had a wife Sarah who couldn’t have children. Abraham prayed to blessed by God with a child. Sarah, Abraham’s wife saw the desperation in her husband and offered up her handmaiden Haggai to bear Abraham children. She bore Abraham a son and they named him Ismael. Sarah and Abraham were then blessed with a child of their own, a son whom they named Isaac. Sarah looked at her servant Haggai with contempt because of the child they shared. This is where the story splits. Biblically, God promised Abraham that he would be the father of nations. Abraham’s sons were essentially those two nations who, still to this day, are fighting in the promised land. Isaac, had a son named Jacob, who wrestled with God and God then named him ISRAEL. Ismael, on the other hand, having been banished to the desert along with his mother, is the foundation of the Islamic religion and it is written that he settled in Mecca.

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