Journal entry

he purpose of this journaling is for personal growth; to synthesize information by showing relationships between new and past information associated with critical thinking, evidence-based practice, and personal reflection to validate your values in nursing. Begin with a thorough description of the experience and ideas. Identify how you portrayed each element of the PRICE model (one paragraph), providing examples of your actions limited to one paragraph. Next, each journal should reflect on the experience through exploration, questioning, analyzing, and application. Use a minimum of two peer-review journal articles, in addition to your textbook and other sources, to indicate relationships between new and past information. Each journal also needs to link the experience to the clinical course objectives. To do so, state a minimum of two of the clinical course objectives that were met with each activity. Provide support by explaining how the objectives were met, considering the curriculum threads, as well. The journal needs to be a minimum of three pages and a maximum of five pages only, not counting the title page and the reference page. The journal must be written with college-level (10th grade or higher) writing and formatted according to APA requirements, including a title page and reference page,

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