Just Mercy book

Third-person perspective Length: 4 pages Based on the articles we have read in class and topics we have discussed in Just Mercy Book, please choose one of the following prompts to respond to for your fourth essay. 1. Pick two of the young people you encountered in the book (Charlie, Trina, Ian, and Antonio). Explain whether their stories demonstrate whether the justice system needs reforming when it comes to juveniles, and why. Think of the specific details of their cases—where they were housed, their backgrounds, whether they were tried as an adult or a juvenile—and explain how these might contribute to a judge’s or jury’s decision. Readings to include/reference: Protest Campaigns and Movement Success: Desegregating the U.S. South in the early 1960s, Just Mercy***Please have a total of THREE outside sources*** (this includes a title mentioned above OTHER than the book Just Mercy)

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