Library Research Exercise

The topic is: The Chironex.

Please review the  Library Instruction Module  for information on searching in the library.

To practice searching in the library for information on your topic, please answer the following questions and post your answers as a response within this discussion:

1. What is your research question or research topic?

2. What are the main keywords from your research question, as well as any synonyms or related words?

3. Connect these terms to create a search statement. Remember to use Boolean Operators in your statement. For example, if your research question is “How does global warming affect marine life?” a possible search statement would be this: (“global warming” OR “climate change”) AND “marine life”.  Record your search statement.

4. Run your search statement in UMGC OneSearch and examine your results. Did you retrieve relevant articles that will help you in your research? Record your observations.

5. Next, run your search in a database  that would be suitable for your topic. See the Library  Research Guides , which group databases and other resources by specific subjects and disciplines. Record your observations.

6. Select a scholarly source from your search and write its APA (7th ed.) in-text citation (use any page number from your source for the citation) and its APA (7th ed.) reference list citation in their proper formats.

I’ll provide feedback to help you improve your search based on your answers to these questions.


1. My question/topic is “choose a single marine (salt water) species (fish,mammal, reptile, or invertebrate). My topic is the salt water crocodile.

2. Key words I will be using for my topic are: crocodile, habitat, life span, ecological benefits

3.  Searches I used were “crocodile” AND “habitat” OR “marine reptiles”

4. I received over 3,000 results, all of which were very pertinent to the topic I was searching. I feel as though I need to narrow the search down more to get more precise results. All of the articles I briefly reviewed could be useful, but also offered more information than I would need.

5. I used multiple of the databases, but really liked the OneSearch the most, I feel it gave me enough variety to be able to find an article that I could understand but also had enough information to assist in writing a paper. The news and newspaper databases however were relatively useful strictly for curiosities sake.

6. Fukuda, Y., Webb, G., Manolis, C., Lindner, G., & Banks, S. (2019). Translocation, genetic structure and homing ability confirm geographic barriers disrupt saltwater crocodile movement and dispersal. PLoS ONE14(8), 1–20.

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