Life in the Oceans Week 2

Word count is at least 100 words per question and I need a reference page!

Although Web sites can be a very useful source of information, many lack the quality assurance that editors, peer-reviewers, or fact-checkers often provide for books and journal articles. So it is very important when doing research on the Web to evaluate each site carefully to ensure that you do not cite outdated, biased, or inaccurate information in your assignments.

Please evaluate the following Web sites, answering each of the questions below for each site and posting your answers as a response to this conference topic. If you wish, you may view the video

 Evaluating Web Sites .

Dihydrogen Monoxide

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Please answer the following questions for each of the Web sites listed above:

1. Who are the authors of the Web sites, and what are their credentials? (Remember, the author of a Web site could be an individual person or it could be an organization.)

2. What types of research materials, articles, studies, etc. are available via these Web sites, and do they seem professional or scholarly, or are they more popular in nature?

3. Is there a particular bias or agenda visible throughout the Web site?

4. Would you use the Web site for your research? Why or why not?

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