Listening Journal Assignment

Listening Journal Assignment For this assignment, we are to write a 1-2 page (4 paragraph) response discussing poor listening skills. For this journal, instead of discussing your own real life experience, you will choose an episode of a television show to analyze. You can choose any show you want, but just choose one episode of that show. Make sure the show is live-action (no animation), and that there is a relationship between two people. Do the following: Make sure you provide a title for your response: “Title of show: Season/episode” Paragraph 1: Identify a poor listening behavior you notice in the episode (for example: Ambushing, Stage-hogging, insensitive listening, etc.). Define the poor listening behavior in your own words. ***Please refer to the attached files for the chapter from the book and PowerPoint for what the essay is asking.*** Paragraph 2: Give specific examples of communication from the episode that show this poor listening behavior. You can use specific dialogue here, nonverbal behavior, or a combination of both. You may also need to summarize the episode a bit here. Paragraph 3: Justify why these behaviors are good examples of the concept you chose to analyze in paragraph 1. Paragraph 4: Of all the good listening behaviors listed in the text, identify which of these behaviors the characters in the show should use to communicate better. You may need to define these behaviors, and give specific analysis of how these good listening behaviors would lead to better communication.

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