local environmental problem where our impacts on our environment

local environmental problem where our impacts on our environment

You will be involved with a Community Service Learning Partner in helping our community with a local environmental problem where our impacts on our environment have immediate or potential consequences for you and other citizens in the Los Angeles area.  Once you have chosen a Community Service Learning Partner to work with you will conduct some research on your own using the resources provided by the partner, online database, or the Internet.

The assignment is to be written as an essay covering the points outlined below. Figures or diagrams are optional and should be included only if you wish to emphasize or explain an idea. Figures must be clearly labeled and referenced from within the text of your essay.  Sources of figures, that are not your own, must be cited and referenced. The assignment is short (3 pages) which makes it critical to write concisely so that every sentence plays an important contribution to the essay.  Figures, tables and bibliography are not counted towards the 3-page limit.  You must paraphrase and cite all sources of information and ideas that are not your own. Do not include quotations in your essay.

After you receive your grade for this essay, you may resubmit a revised version of your essay.  The resubmission is optional and is provided as a means for you to improve your grade if you wish.

Your essay will be graded (100 points) as follows so read the questions carefully and make sure that you address each one.

Title (5 points).  Your title should grab attention and clearly reveal what the topic of the essay is about
Problem (25 points). Identify and describe the environmental problem that you and your service learning partner will be working on.
Service Learning Partner Mission (15 points). What is the mission or goals of the service learning partner?
Personal Role (25 points): What is your role and how does your involvement in this project help the service learning partner meet its mission or goals?
Format and Style (10 points) : The body or your essay (not including bibliography and figures) should not exceed 3 pages when written double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font, on 8.5 by 11 pages with 1 margins on all sides.  Text exceeding the 3rd page will not be read.  The bibliography and figures can be additional pages beyond the 3-page essay. Spelling, grammar, and writing style will be evaluated.
Sources (20 points).Your sources will be graded based on number, format and quality.  All statements or ideas that belong to others must be supported by citing a source, which should be then listed in your bibliography.  A minimum of 5 sources are required of which at least 2 must be primary sources.  If the author is writing about their own personal work, research or experiences then it is primary.  Primary sources can take many forms such as journal articles, technical reports, speeches, art, autobiographies and even some websites.  The author could be a person, organization, or government agency.  If the author is only writing about someone else’s work then it is not primary. Sources must be cited and listed in the MLA format.

Report 1 Hand-in Checklist

? I have identified and met with my Service Learning Partner

? I have included a title

? My essay is not more than 3 pages (plus bibliography and figures)

? My essay is double spaced in Times New Roman 12 Point font with 1 margins all around

? I have cited sources for any information or ideas that are not my own

? I have proofread my essay so I don’t carelessly lose points for simple typos and grammar mistakes

? I have included a bibliography in MLA format

? I have cited at least 5 sources of which 2 are primary.

? I have submitted my entire essay to Turnitin.com through Moodle, checked the originality report and fixed any sentences that appear to be similar to other sources (excluding bibliography)

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