Managerial Accounting Master Budget Assignment

This is a Managerial Accounting Master Budget Assignment.
I will upload my assignment question (a doc.)
and an example of another master budget assignment (an excel.)from last term the same class. This is the student version
(different data, but all of the given data in the second page. the first page is about students’ names )
And I will also upload this example’s answer(teacher version). It’s the right answer to that assignment

In this excel assignment. It will include:
2.sales budget collections
4.production budget
5.materials budget disbursements labor budget
8.manufacturing overhead budget
9.ending finished good inventory
10.selling & Administrative Expense budget
12.income statement
13.balance sheet

I ordered 7 problems for this assignment I think its enough for this assignment
If you have any question just ask me.

Preferred language style   US English.

lastterm example

Master Budget Assignment Winter 2020

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