My literature review’s topic : Can a person choose euthanasia? 



Learning Objectives: (1) to familiarize students with the wealth of online research resources, especially at UW libraries; (2) to develop skills in online research; (3) to develop skills in synthesizing the content of scholarly publications in a particular subject area; (4) to learn in depth about a particular issue relating to the subject matter of this course.

Your Task: Each student will prepare an annotated bibliography of 7-10 sources relating to an issue you select that concerns human rights in America. Pretend that you are going to write a paper on a topic and then prepare this bibliography with all sources relating to that topic. For each entry in this list, you should cite the publication with a brief parenthetical reference summarizing the publication’s central point. The literature review is due October 20 at 5:45 PM submitted via Canvas. Late literature reviews will be reduced by one letter grade and an additional letter grade for each day late thereafter. Literature reviews submitted as an attachment will NOT be accepted. Students may include this assignment in their IAS portfolio. The literature review should be on a different topic from your presentation and your movie review.

Additional Guidelines: You may conduct your research as a general Google search in part, but you should take advantage of exploring the online resources of the UW library system. You definitely do not need to read through entirely all of the articles, essays, books, or other publications that you are citing. What you want to do is capture the essence of the argument or point of the publication you are citing and put together the list of sources from there.

Be aware that this is one version of a literature review or annotated bibliography. For this class, we are only requiring you to compile a short summary of a few sources. A literature review could consist of an entire chapter weaving sources into text.

Example of One Entry in an Annotated Bibliography:

Streichler, Stuart. “What Would Warren Do? A Brief Historical Comment on Brown and Parents Involved.” 76 Tenn. L. Rev. 159 (2008) (argues that the Supreme Court’s plurality opinion in Parents Involved distorted the central meaning of Brown by stripping the principles stated in that landmark opinion from the historical and cultural context in which they were made).

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