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Need help with these questions.


1-Class:  What is the difference between a group and a team?  In what instances do you think a group situation is more ideal than a team situation, and in what instances do you think a team situation is more ideal than a group situation?


2- ME -A major problem I have encountered when part of a team was a lack of commitment from members. The creative process constantly being slowed down by the lack of participation and enthusiasm from members is a direct result of such a problem. An analytical approach to the problem failed to solve the issue satisfactorily. The reality is that not all issues can be solved by a logical approach and that more creative approaches should be embraced as well (Dyer & Dyer, 2013). In my situation, the analytical angle only managed to show how the lack of commitment was detrimental to the team vision. The more creative approach revealed that lack of involvement during decision making was the underlying issue. It is a well-known fact, people are more enthusiastic about projects they’ve played a role in formulating.


Teacher asking me – What exactly was the analytical approach to solving the problem?  What was the more successful creative approach you took  to solve the


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