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Locate a peer-reviewed research article related to Would changing ER nurse to patient ratio working in high acuity patients with low staffing have similar incidence of nurse burnout?

(P) ER Nurse burnout (i) Continued education: changing ER nurse to patient ratio working in high acuity patients; (c) Burnout; other solution; more paid time off for nurses; hire more nurses for more resources available; (o) Reduced propensity of nurse burnout occurrences. • Statement of the problem. • The research question (as stated or implied by the author) • The sample size, recruitment strategy, data collection methods, and outcomes measured • The method of analysis. • A summary of the results and conclusions, recommendations for future research Respond to the following discussion questions: • What challenges, if any, did you have in identifying the required components of the article? • Note any questions you have about the article that might be important for understanding it. Get Nursing Help Today

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