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Identify 5 competencies that hit home for you in a particular way this session. Explain your rationale for picking specific competencies. Explain how these 5 competencies relate to nursing and how they will help you in your career. The five competencies chosen are:

1. Cooperative learning: Student interactions in purposefully structured groups that encourage individual flexibility and group learning through positive interdependence, individual accountability, face-to-face interaction, appropriate use of collaborative skills, and regular self-assessment of team functioning (Massachusetts Nurse of the Future Competencies, 2016).

2. Domains of learning: Cognitive domain of learning skills revolves around knowledge, comprehension, and thinking through a particular topic. Affective domain of learning skills describes the way people react emotionally in terms of attitudes and feelings. Psychomotor domain of learning skills describes the ability to physically perform a task or behavior. (Bloom, 1956)

3. Hand-off: Transfer of verbal and/or written communication about patient condition between care providers (QSEN, 2007).

4. Patient safety: Freedom from accidental or preventable injuries produced by medical care (Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors, 2006).

5. Safety culture: Commitment to safety that permeates all levels of health care delivery (Agency for Health care Research and Quality, n.d.). Get Nursing Help Today

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