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CHILD SKILLS CHECKLIST ASSIGNMENT List of Items you Chose from store: Directions: Check the items you see a child could perform regularly with Item and why, not all will apply to the Item Item Why 1. Self Esteem ( Helps A child……) Separates from primary caregiver easily Makes eye contact with teacher Develops a secure attachment with teacher Makes activity choices without teacher’s help Seeks other children to play with Plays roles confidently in dramatic play Stands up for own rights Item Why Displays enthusiasm about doing things for self
2. Emotional Development Releases stressful feelings in appropriate manner Expresses anger in words rather than negative actions Remains calm in difficult or dangerous situations Overcomes sad feelings in appropriate manner Handles surprising situations with control Shows interest, attention in classroom activities Shoes fondness, attention, affection toward others Smiles, seems happy much of the time Item 3. Social Play Spends time watching others play Plays by self with own toys/ own toys! materials Plays parallel to others with similar toys/materials Plays with others in group play Makes friends with other children nother children Gains access to ongoing play in ngoing play in a positive manner Maintains role in ongoing play in ngoing play in positive manner Resolves play conflict in positive manner 4. Prosocial Behavior Shows concern for someone in distress Can tell how another feels during conflict Shares something with another S Item Why Gives something to another Takes turns without a fuss Complies with request without a fuss . Item Helps another to do a task Helps (cares for) another in need 5. Large Motor Skills Walks down steps alternating ating feet Runs with control over speed over speed and direction Jumps with feet together Climb up, down, across climbing across climbing equipment Throws, catches, and kicks balls Rides trikes, bikes, and scooters with ease Moves legs and feet in rhythm to beat Moves arms and hands in rhythm to beat – You cant save changes to this file. Save a copy Dism 6. Small Motor Development Shows hand preference, which is Why Turns with hands easily knobs, lids, eggbeaters Pours liquids into glass without spilling Unfastens & fastens zippers, buttons, velcro Picks up and inserts objects with ease Uses drawing/writing tools with control Uses scissors with control Pounds in nails with control 7. Cognitive Development Sorts object by shape, color Classifies objects by size Places objects in sequence or series Recognizes, creates patterns Counts by rote to 20 1-1 correspondence with numbers Problem-solves with concrete objects Problem-solves with computer programs 8. Spoken Language Listens but does not speak Give single word answers Give short phrase responses Does chanting and singing Takes part in conversations Speaks in expanded sentences Ask questions Can tell a story Item w 9. Emergent Literacy Pretends to write with pictures and scribbles Makes horizontal lines of writing scribbles Includes letter-like forms in writing Makes some letters, prints name, or initial Holds book right-side up, tums pages left to right Pretends to read using pictures to tell story Retells stories from books with increasing accuracy Shows awareness that print in books tells story 10. Art Skills Makes random marks on paper Makes controlled scribbles Makes basic shapes Combines circle/squares with crossed lines Makes suns Draws person as head with arms & legs Draws animals, trees, & flowers Combines objects together 11. Imagination Does pretend play by him/herself | Assigns roles or takes assigned roles Needs particular props to do pretend play Takes on characteristics & actions related to role Can pretend w/ Imaginary objects | Uses language to create & sustain plots Enacts exciting, danger-packed themes Used elaborate themes, ideas. details. Get  Nursing Assignments  Help Today

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