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Review Exercises Multiple Choice 1. help(s) physically challenged people control their environments. a. Nanogate b. Thinkgate c. Electronic aids to daily living (EADLs) d. None of the above 2. Networked devices a. can reduce response time in emergencies b. are found in emergency rooms, critical care units, and intensive care units C. cannot display findings in a central location d. a and b 3. Puff straws, head mice, and speech recognition software could be characterized as a. prosthetic devices b. assistive devices c. adaptive devices d. borc 4. The measures how well you can see by measuring how your eye focuses on light. a. spy glasses (b) Trace c. crystal glasses d. All of the above 5. ___ is an alternate input device that a blind person could use. a. Braille keyboard b. Speech recognition software c. a orb d. Screen reader
6. The system that involves implanting a chip in the brain that will convert brain cell impulses to computer signals is called a. Verichip b. Brainchip c. Thinkgate d. Brain Gate 7. CFES delivers low-level electrical stimula- tion and is used a. in pacemakers b. to simulate workouts for paralyzed muscles c. to restore movement to paralyzed muscles d. All of the above 8. The restores some measure of hearing to deaf people with intact auditory nerves. a. artificial ear b. cochlear implant c. hearing pacemaker d. prosthetic ear 9. Prosthetic limbs, which contain motors and respond to signals transmitted by the muscles in the residual limb, are called a. energy-storing limbs b. myoelectric limbs c. computerized limbs d. motorized limbs 10. Discrimination against people with on against people with disabili- ties is prohibited by the a. Civil Rights Act b. Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution c. Americans with Disabilities Act d. None of the above NOTES 273 8. Networked devices can interact with each other. 9. Computerized cardiac monitors cannot dis- tinguish between cardiac arrest and a wire coming loose. 10. The C-Leg analyzes gait 50 times per second: it anticipates movement and thus thinks for the patient.. Get  Nursing Assignments  Help Today

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